Can yoga relieve the back from pain?

Whether dog, tree, child position: Yoga can strengthen the back and relieve pain in the long term. Scientific studies show that yoga can relieve tension and back pain in the long term.

Yoga is an effective means of strengthening the entire musculature and thus relieving or even eliminating back pain. A study in 2017 even proved that yoga is as good as physiotherapy for back pain.

yoga against back pain

Is yoga good for the back?

yoga - back painThe human spine has a double-S shape. Since most people are predominantly sitting, the spine is strained and forced out of its natural shape. In yoga many exercises aim to allow and stabilize the curvature of the lumbar spine. Besides, the back muscles are stretched and loosened.

In addition, back pain in most people (about 85 percent) is not caused by a damaged spine, but by the muscles surrounding it. This is compensated for by the fact that the patient sits a lot and does not move. In addition to lack of movement, psychological stress also has a major influence on back pain.

This is where yoga offers the additional benefit, as in addition to more strength and flexibility, the exercises are intended to bring body, mind and soul into harmony – a yoga class always includes a meditation for final relaxation.


What does yoga do for the back?

There are now special courses called back yoga. They are often offered by physiotherapists as a kind of back school. In the courses for back yoga, certain selected gentle exercises (asanas) are performed, which are especially useful for problems with the lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine. These always include perception and relaxation exercises. Basically, back yoga is a form of spinal gymnastics for a strong back without muscle pain.

All yoga exercises for the back should be painless

The most important thing is to listen very carefully to the body: If he says stop, then that means stop immediately. It is recommended never to work into a pain. Back yoga may start where an exercise can be performed without any problems.

yoga back pain

In yoga, we see what this means in general and back yoga in particular. Yoga exercises are also regarded as stretching exercises. In principle, there is therefore nothing to prevent patients with back problems from attending a back yoga course. Stretching exercises are initially harmless as long as they do not cause leg and arm pain.

Can harden, shortened back muscles be stretched and loosened?

back pain - yogaAlso, the cause of back pain is most often shortened muscles with hardening – then the stretching exercises would have a positive effect. A warning signal that these movements do not do any good is frequent pain after the course.

However, back yoga cannot help with another common cause of back pain – weakened deep back extensor muscles. These can only be built up with special training on equipment.

Back yoga can also contribute to building strength. In addition to moving back to a neutral position of the spine, strengthening the stability of the trunk is also the most important task.

Because in the lumbar region, the spine depends heavily on the supporting muscles. Ideally, the transverse and oblique abdominal muscles should be trained specifically. Back yoga can therefore relieve pain.

Does back yoga work against stress – and what are the advantages against pain?

And yoga can also help with a third cause of back pain: stress. Stress management plays a major role in back yoga, as many people are exposed to life pressure. This means that psychological stress manifests itself in the form of back pain. Relaxation exercises are therefore an important part of the classes – it is also called yogic serenity.

The yogi is of course allowed to engage in this: Fundamental interest is a very good prerequisite for coming to terms with the situation. Most of the time the back yoga trainer has already experienced improvement for himself through the special exercises. These back pains, which led him to back yoga in the first place, have become less.