Packing List For The 200 Hour TTC In Bali

Congratulations! You have made it this far to where you’re looking for what to bring to your first ever year teacher training here in wonderful Bali! Some of the great things about Bali is that it is pretty consistently hot so there’s not much you have to worry about! Even when it’s raining hard here, it’s still nice and warm! So we compiled this packing list together based on all of our experiences in teacher training and based off of our time living here! I’m breaking down this list base on essentials/necessities, things that you don’t quite need, and things you can also buy here.


  • – breathable yoga pants, whatever that might be for you!
  • – Sports bras (ladies) and maybe a loose fitting shirt, you’ll be sweating
  • – Cheap flip flops (i personally am almost always barefoot)
  • – Loose fitting relax clothes
  • – Yoga towel mat (trust!)
  • – Bathing suit
  • – Water bottle (there are refillable water stations)
  • – Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, conditioner, etc
  • – Yourself!

Other things:

  • – yoga mat (We supply one)
  • – Neti pot
  • – Journal (we supply one)
  • – Books (they’re just heavy to travel with)
  • – Any games, activities, hobbies that you have. They’re all welcomed but it just depends on the space that you have!
  • – Yoga props (they are all supplied there)
  • Meditation pillow

In General

These lists are very small because all you really need is to show up and the weather is very hot so anything that makes you feel comfortable in the heat! And Bali is a very beautiful country where a lot of people, myself included, want to buy clothes. And yes guys, there is stuff for you too! Our program will supply you with the tools, manuals, and resources needed to have a successful experience so all we need from you is to be happy and comfortable!

And to continue, I wanted to congratulate each and every one of you for taking these steps to begin the journey into your yoga world. I know that it might be a little intimidating — the fear of the unknown, but just remember that these people on the same journey as you are going to quickly become your family. We are all in this together so if you ever need anything at all during your stay, we are here for you! Even if you forgot something on this list, we understand and will be able to help you in any way necessary.…

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